Vision, Mission & Values

Vision & Mission

tagnating Markets, increasing cut-throat competition, consistent changes in consumer behavior and their increasing expectations, post great challenges before big brands to make effective inroads in new markets. By availing Man Power , Sales promotion & Branding services through seasoned & reliable campaigners, they surely can establish their presence in new retail markets and effectively overcome the challenges. Man Power moves goods towards people

ICRC’s Sales & Brand promotion activities are meticulously designed and planned considering the Market requirements, ongoing market trends and with thorough study of people’s mindset.

These activities are passionately and vigorously executed through experienced manpower and impeccable Logistic support.


Our business values are not just the piece of slogans, meant to enhance the decor of our offices. They are at the core of every activity we undertake and reflect profoundly in whatever we do.

Being one of the leading names in Sales Promotion, Man Power & Branding, we are intensely connected with the market and big corporate houses. We act like a bridge between traders & consumers.

We promote and popularize their brands with innovative and creative ideas, patience and perseverance. This requires 100% commitment, passion and integrity. We believe, ʺTo give real service to our clients, we have to add something which cannot be bought or measured with money.. that’s sincerity & integrityʺ. Our entire business functions revolve around these values and that’s the key to our success over last 25 years.