Man Power

Man Power

Merchandising plays important in product promotion. It is an art and most thoughtful process of how to display the products in the stores/malls so that they grab quick attention of the customers. We have proved our expertise in this activity. Merchandising makes highly important contributions to your stores and increases sales in multiple proportions.

Postering & Window Display

Postering and Window Display are the most direct way in attracting potential new customers. They help to have first point of visual contact a consumer has with store and starting point of the retail experience. We offer you most innovative ideas and assistance in this regard.

Outlet Redesigning

Outlet Redesigning is very important to increase the footfall of customers. We offer most innovative solutions for attractive redesigning of the outlets.

Customized Outlet Branding

We offer customised outlet branding services especially for retail outlets / shops in order to popularize customer’s brand.

Contract Man Power & Regular Maintenance

We offer services for Annual maintenance services for merchandising and regular maintenance activities. We have dedicated team of experts to undertake this activity across India.