Consumer Contact Programs

Consumer Contact Programs

We meticulously plan and organise Consumer Contact Programs for our clients for marketing, brand promotion and activation, trade promotions and retail branding. We organise mega events in Rural & Urban markets across India.

Home-To-Home Campaigns

Over the years, we have become well acquainted with the psyche of Indian household. This has enabled us to devise creative and effective ideas for Home to Home campaign for intelligent marketing and brand promotion.

Focus Group Presentations

We have devised highly effective methods to give Focus Group presentations of products and services of our clients. These presentations are largely given to the corporate sector employees and many club members.

Direct To Selective Presentations

We manoeuvre Sales promotion and brand promotion activities to make them more focused and intensive through Direct to Selective Presentations to specific client or specific market.

Society / In Home Demonstrations

We plan effective demonstrations of the products and services of our clients in various housing societies. Similar demonstrations are also conducted In-home. This ensures participation and involvement of many society members, particularly the ladies from every household.

Mass Sampling

We create positive customer touch points through effective Mass Sampling. We build brand promoters for our clients through Mass Sampling method through whom successful product sampling campaign is initiated. This can be carried out during the mega-religious events like, Pandharpur-Vari, Ganesh Utsav, Navratri Utsav, Kumbha-mela or similar other events. Similar campaign can also be initiated at Bus-station, Railway Station, Malls or at large public meetings and musical concerts.